HUNT is bigger than you think โ€” why you need to dig deeper during this IEO for STEEMHUNT

Seriously, the time is now, and itโ€™s bigger than you think.

I believe that the HUNT token from steemhunt is one of the best token cases we have for the Steem blockchain today, in fact I feel itโ€™s bigger an expression than SMT ever could have been (I know, big statement) but I feel that the legacy that steemhunt has built out, the work they have done with a tokenomics company to get where they are today is crazy, especially on the team size we have.

We believe that our IEO will increase the visibility of STEEM/SBD for South Korean investors by listing STEEM in the exchanges where we proceed IEOs (from the @steemhunt blog)

as a whale holder of HUNT tokens (being a mod, doing plenty of promotion videos on youtube and the most products hunted probably!) this dApp even thou itโ€™s around 10th/11th position right now is probably one of the best thatโ€™s striding ahead to make the path clear for other dApps from Steem to get on these real world exchanges.

Start HODLing that HUNT token because when reviewhunt and ideahunt drops you are gonna have a serious AHA moment, trust me on that! --- if your a content creator that makes unboxing or tech videos, do yourself a favour and add yourself to the map over on


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