getting super productive with screenflow 8 templates for fast video production.

I love optimising stuff, like it’s an obsession of mine, mainly for the mental clarity of saving time. Time to do other stuff, time to be able to flex into spending time changing direction into doing something else — faster.

As the energy builds up for @steemcasting I’m looking at ways that I can really optimise the process of making ‘assets’ for the channels and blocks of time that will be uploaded — maybe I should have put this video on the @steemcasting blog but I’ll do an update when I have something solid to show there, I’m kinda holding off until I have a logo to start things.

So yeah, in this video, a bit of a ten minute overview of the power of templating in the screen flow application for Mac, it’s something that I love to use near on daily now and I know I’m only scratching the surface of what is possible here, I’ve been making some overlays for social media (find them over which I’m selling (to buy more steem!)

I’m gonna make a whole pack for obs and obviously give away templates, pngs and transparent overlays to partners of the @steemcasting project — it should really speed up the process of putting together the assets easily to play in a playlist once we get to that stage.

in this video we will. ..

  • discuss how creating a template can speed up pre-processing
  • look at layers and layer styles
  • auto set your green screen settings
  • auto set your audio settings to tidy up input audio
  • move using ‘actions’ inside of screenflow for custom effects.

I hope this video shows you the power of setting up templates for your different projects — for me personally having templates ‘ready to roll’ for certain topics, dapps, services, locations, output make a world of difference to my output cycle, it means I can cross between client work and my on projects easily without all the SETUP in between!


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