making twitter/instagram overlay packs with screenflow 8.2

i've been working on some overlays for instagram videos for a client which made me realise that i'm missing out providing a service to clients (especially our blockchain) for promoting and maintaining the branding throughout the video media posts we put out.

you can grab the template from here ---> for $35 for the 7 dapps, happy to give you help and assistance to get it setup, remember this is mac only!

so far in my $35 template overlay pack (only works with screenflow on the mac) i have dtube, steem (16:9/4:3), dpoll, actifit, steemmonsters, steemhunt and i'll be building in a lot more for v2 of the pack, to pay for my time and so i can buy more steem i've put together a pack and i'm selling them on gumroad! :)

i'll be putting together some overlay packs for streaming on steemcasting and overlays for obs and be open to custom work in the coming month(s)

what dapp should i put in there next? check out these twitter links below for some of the examples i posted!





i'm kinda digging them and it's gonna be useful when making longer form content for the @steemcasting channel, i pushed an update about that today if you wanna go take a read.

peace out

p.s -- all sales go back into #steem purchasing for now ;)
p.p.s -- i'm updating to reflect all the new services!

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