and just like that, we became 72.

Seems like yesterday we were just knocking about in the fifties, why reputation is no indicator of status or purpose I tend to use it as a bit of an indicator of how ‘long’ someone has been around on the platform and how much ‘interfacing’ they have done — be it working for a dApp like I have or just building up an audience from pampering to their varied needs.

So far it’s been a hellva side on the Steem blockchain and I’m glad that I doubled downed and went for it, we had some great times with being in the right place at the right time in December of 2017 when SBD was $14 and I remember the $7 Steem days briefly too, all good times to be around and a few hardforks to boot! :)

Now of course it’s onto pastures new and the rise to rep 73 which I’m sure will take a long time, it’s time to start bringing up all the other accounts into the 60’s and 70’s thou I think, activate some of the dormant accounts and actually start scheduling in some of those projects, you’ll be seeing a more well organised machine in the coming months for certain! :)

Until then, it’s brush down the wolves, ride the foxes, steampunk everything while steemhunt rises in the exchanges and start locking in design and graphics and overlays for the project when review hunt drops at some point at the end of this month or in april.

Thanks for all the support, tweets, feedback, discord messages and lovely people I get to work with on shows, podcasts and everything else in between, it’s been a wild ride up to the 72 but we made it with time to spare.