5 months ago

introduction to the block-review.com project to assist reviewhunt

happy to get the new block review 'show' off the ground, go into a bit of the project idea and what it might contain and how i see things panning out for decentralized tech reviewers going forward and how we can empower the next generation of global product reviewers with the steem blockchain with zero fee transactions and completed payments in three seconds anywhere on earth, hugely attractive for brands and agencies!

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pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold me.dm to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?

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