discovering memories in the dashboard of your car

Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

You ever get those chills when you find something you lose aurally that made so much to you at one point and then you fucking discover it like EIGHT years later, well, that’s just happened, so I’m sharing it. I need you to go away, listen to it in like three different places β€” in the car, on a plane, commuting, house party, then I want to hear in the comments where it took you too and why this fragmented mix ticks all the cosmic boxes.

Why is this so damn fucking perfect? ugh.

Come back to me after this education, leave your well formed dialogs in the comments after and if we vibing we vining and if not, we not, all gravy, we just keep moving through until the next episode right? Neon street level reality shocks included.

eight years ago, feels like yesterday.