daily browser session for a steemian, so many things to do on chain!

i wanted to put together a little behind the scenes of what a browser session might be like for me in like a thirty minute period per day, at any time of day, morning, noon or night, how i can literally do all of this stuff in a lunch break or in the evening -- how you might be as a non steemian yet can understand how you can be part of a multitude of different communities that exist on the steem blockchain!

i had more dapps and services that i could have told you about on the steem blockchain but i was already pushing thirty minutes in this video, i actually got carried away and did not know how long i had been talking for -- i think it's obvious from the video thou how the one steem account can take you to a multitude of places on the blockchain.

multiple apps, one login, all on steem, all potential for incentivized interaction with the different groups that you can find on the blockchain -- if you've been suffering from a poor social experience across the web maybe it's time to start looking at getting an account? (i can help with that!)

check out more on http://ampsteem.com if you want to get started or have questions! -- i really need to start working on the 30 day program over there for newbies but i've just been swamped with getting other projects and ideas off the ground like @steemcasting which i think will be awesome and really in my ball park!

need some gifs making? drop me a message in the comments! will work for STEEM

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