exploring new frontends with engrave website


nosy link like | germfr.ee

i know these guys are probably gonna be dropping something massive in their next update and i can totally see where they are heading with their cooperation market place, i truly believe that people looking to move from centralized platforms to a 'wordpress' style experience without all the bloat of 'plugins' will be pleased what they find over here at engrave.website -- i'm currently putting together a little walkthrough course for people wanting to get started on the platform and it has a bunch of great features straight out the gate!

@dayleeo was the person to inspire me to give it another look via her newly moved https://eatthingsmakestuff.com -- they even imported her posts in from that account, it looks pretty sweet and i'm pumped that they will eventually have custom theme support, i've even asked the question about whitelisting a few other embeds like twitch and wistia embeds for more interactivity that you just don't get on steemit or other frontends to the steem blockchain.

the thing that i love about engrave is that we have a bunch of solid up to date methodologies for blogging, even push notifications when someone posts using onesignal, i've set that up but i'd like to offer more granular options on that for people only wanting to get updates on the categories because i do post a lot of @steemhunt posts per day (i have a goal amount i want to get too you see!) -- going back to the categories for a moment thou (because it's rad) those are gonna really help people wanting to avoid the 'noise/spam' of seeing all the things that go via my account to the steem blockchain, that can feel like a twitter firehose situation where it's just streaming and overwhelming and expecting the user to cherry pick through which for people used to other platforms like medium and wordpress can be frustrating.

so yeah, i'll be building up some of my posts from the engrave platform now, i've already delegated 350 SP to them (i hope the 15% is removed they ask per post because of my 'donation') because i believe in where it's going and i can't wait to be able to make custom layouts and designs for it, i'm still interested in doing that for the @finallynetwork of course but that's been a bit quiet over the last three months so obviously we had to switch things up to elsewhere for now.

i'm not totally sure how engrave works with pulling in older posts but i'm hoping that i've created sections and tags for those areas that when it does have that ability to import your existing posts that they will sit in the categories nicely, i've got so many ideas of what a frontend portal could be and it could make filtering really interesting.


p.s -- went ahead and setup the sitemap.xml too for google, all straight forward and EASY -- https://blog.engrave.website/feature-xml-sitemap-for-every-blog-to-boost-google-indexing-speed