getting the morning on with the dojo dough thou, fresh breads in zee mornings!

we are fine tuning the new batch of wholemeal flour, fresh breads/wraps for our eggs in the morning, it really should sit a while but we end up doing two batches, one for the fridge so we can pull them out and roll when needed and this first batch will be our ‘breads’ for the days meals ahead, be it pasta, rice, or whatever, nothing like some fresh chapatti style breads to go with it, we got a great deal on this monster sack of flour too.

It’s a new favourite thing to get going in the morning. We tried a new technique of ‘pleating’ the dough as you roll it up which worked out really damn flaky (not good for wraps) and would be perfect for say a curry and rice situation.

What things are you making from scratch? would love to hear you simple food recipes and what your go to 'batch' food making things are.

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