remembering a decade ago from southby, sxsw.

waking up after night of drinking


kinda hard to believe it sometimes but believe it or not it's over ten years since i went to southby, here is my the morning after a very intense night of drinking which is kinda the standard thing you do at southby. i do miss some of my stateside friends but the world i frequent now is very different from those times it seems. almost like watching back episodes of harry potter as they start out all meekly and full of wonder and the possibilities, it's hard to believe back then that i would cascade into my own azkaban of the mind.

but it's all good, we got through it. i miss austin, the salt lick, the iron cactus, the bats flying out from under the bridge and that lovely spot for breakfast on congress too, i forget the name but i had some great mornings there, like this one, in recovery -- i have no idea what happened to those glasses or who that person was but i'm a very different character now ;)

boy was ahead of the curve with that tekkeon battery, cradlepoint AP and sprint (yes, i know) modem over usb adapter life, listen, when your a media maker you need your own personal wifi network cloud around you for the squad ok?! :)

have a fucking great time at southby this year, stay safe, spend lots of time on sixth and use the hhonors internet at the hilton near the convention centre, i found the bar a nice place to hide and eat calamari at on the down low -- if you can chance, go over a few blocks to where the homeless people hang out and give them some food, cash and human eye to eye contact that you respect that they exist in the process please, we are always one pay cheque away from being in the same boat after all.

powertips to enjoy sxsw

  • get to the parties early, always go to the fogo one, wear a beer belt, hold two gadgets in both hands and get the bar staff to load the beer belt up as your 'working on the job' -- they have a 'tab' to work towards, after that they stop serving, don't wait like a mug at the bar, when you go, get six drinks for the table of friends, fill the belt with corona.
  • keep it moving, stay at a party no longer than an hour
  • take plenty of anker power chargers, don't sit down and charge your laptop, that's lame and your missing out chatting
  • sit at the back of the room and watch the screens if you must watch the keynotes so you can get out fast
  • people are not content for your channels, they are people, discuss don't content engage.
  • eat at the food trucks everyday
  • pay twenty bucks after midnight for the people on the bikes, they work fucking hard
  • drink and eat the free stuff
  • add value to someones time there, don't go and shill upsell your bullshit content

that's it for now, oh and tell people about steem! ;)

rocking that canon hf20 (TAPE! yep, TAPE!)