The First MVP of the year accepting #steem, sbd, fiat and Amazon Wishlist Soups! :)

I know, Iโ€™ve talked about it before but Iโ€™m slowly building up and iterating on the idea of what a promotional video might look like for youtube, twitter and facebook advertising, I need to make it super punchy, maybe some overlays and effects, itโ€™s kinda hard to compress everything in to a quick fire video, super proud of both myself and @dayleeo for getting this done in february thou while most of the world is in cryo status โ€” weโ€™ve got a few t-shirt updates coming in the next few weeks.

. .. if you are looking for a landing page style theme for 15 different niches that we have, sustaining ourselves on amazon wishlist soups and converting fiat payments to #steem when we have them! :)

. .. expect my gumroad obs theme megapack by the end of the week, itโ€™s gonna take me a few more days to really get all the scenes in there and organised I think, busy collecting graphics, colours and making scenes ;)