time to bypass middlemen, with blockchain you can go to the supplier!

i just finished a little 100 steem task for @revisesociology this morning, a little gif that he needed for advertising his courses on his website, we went back and forth with colours and stuff this morning and got it to where he wanted it, it was a true reflection of a world without the middleman -- straight from farm to table situation, and the story of how that happened is an interesting one that i believe other people can follow.

i made some gifs for @pennsif show last week, he had no idea i was making them for him, i did it of my own back, in my own time because i'm a co-host and i thought it would enhance the evening if we had clear segment graphics to when each part started, i even put them in as macros into textexpander so i would always have them on call (neat huh?)

because of @revisesociology seeing them in the show discord he wanted to see if he could comission me to make something similar to help him promote his courses which has this great feeling good factor about it because it completes the cycle of awareness for me, i put something out in the universe, an expression of interest.

i like making these universe. ...

and to top it off here is the ultimate awesomeness about it too, i owe about 2000 steem to @dayleeo so the steem never left the ecosystem, i've paid 100 steem of that off now in an instant -- i transferred it to her account in less than 3 seconds with no fees.

talk about layers of abstraction, the value economy in action, working right there.

so why be spoon fed by 'middlemen' communities, why suckle at the teat of a pseudo empowerment fat cat with power when you can just define your own marketplace, when someone can go straight to the supplier and bypass the gloss factor, if the end user can make something go direct to them, you don't need permission to do that, you don't need to be a sheep waiting in the crowd for someone to give you an action.

engage, complete, recycle.

p.s --- actually started me thinking about the potential of a steem delegation setup for hiring a person per month for X amount of hours, is that a service that you think would do well on steem? hmmm.