why the notion of three business days does not exist for digital currency and it’s why I know that ultimately crypto will win.

I recently had an issue with a provider of services that told me via email that the issue would be resolved within two business days which at the time I just took on the chin (as it was the weekend) and was not overly worried about, something to put off until mid week then, allowing that to resolve in this magically fairy dust land of ‘business hours’ in the time zone of whoever was going to take care of my problem in their so called forty eight hour window.

somehow however this triggered me this morning while looking at paying another thing for an upgrade for a year and brought it back into my attention, to give it some credence again, to consider it once more and to remind myself that actually, it’s always gonna be time that ultimately puts the nail in the coffin of fiat currency.

But why you might ask!

Resolution, time is precious, time has a cost, if you can lower that cost, do a deal, have both vendor supply and demand and resolve the costings of that transactions in a faster more timely manner than what is on offer then your always going to pursue the alternative, especially when the data sets out there suggest that their is inefficient methods in place for those middlemen to even exist in the first place.

who’s got time to wait for a transaction to complete in two days, business days, that is a working day, a day predicated by hours in a day when it’s supposed that a human is at a desk after driving in from his or her commute to sit at a desk and resolve their inbox of requests like mine.

The ledgers of blockchains and the smart contract delegation of trustless infrastructure will will mean that people can resolve ‘transacting’ faster.

Even here on the steem blockchain we can resolve a payment to another person in three seconds and at zero cost, we make western union look like a pensioner or a cartoon sloth maybe.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of what state we are in at the moment in the image of crypto and crypto payments the moment the word get’s out that things can be done in a more timely manner, that you don’t have to sit on a phone to fix someone else out of date automated machine that puts out letters that ultimately use stock from cutting down fucking trees in the amazon, the better we will all be.

Because everything is connected and if we want things to change we have to change all those things that use resource in a poor manner, not fit for purpose, timely — we have solutions right now to be able to complete a transaction and be about my day, I can do multiple transactions in a day, for a small business that means multiple happy clients resolved in a moment.

So let’s get after it eh?

⏩ second transaction times, ✊ zero fees = completed transaction 😁

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